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     Forestry Information Society, Inc. provides for successful candidates timber haulage throughout Europe and some selected countries in the world. We provide trucking, rail and combined transport of timber.

Contract of carriage

Lorry transport

     In the attached lorry transport calculator you can calculate how much costs the transport of timber stock in Pliešovce , Slovakia to your processing plant. Price is calculated for 1lorry, weight up to 25 tons of goods.


     We also provide delivery of packages, such as one piece of logs. For parcels we are using the best actual offer of transport.

Rail and combined transport

     For rail transport logs are loaded in the railway station Sása-Pliešovce station code 147538. The most commonly used wagons are EANOS capable of carrying 55 tons (about 45 m3 of hardwood or softwood 55 m3) or SNPS with capacity 64 tons (about 55 m3 of hardwood or softwood 65 m3). If you wish to preliminary offer, send us a short message with your destination station. We will send you the best possible price for your rail.


In case of other carriage information please contact us at info@wertholzsubmission.de

Lorry price calculator

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Rail price calculator

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Forest enterprises

Also these forest enterprises prepare timber for autumn auction 2013.

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